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Marketing department _ new media operation (editor)

Job description:

Job title: Assistant for new media operation

Division: Marketing

Location: Shenzhen, China

Job responsibilities:

Operate internet or mobile internet accounts, such as Wechat, toutiao.com, Weibo. Includes manage and scheme new media, daily content edit and so on.
Develop and maintain for new media channels, plan for our official account operation. Help marketing department plan and execute online activities.
Accomplish an integrity report according to relevant statistics and analysis.

Job requirement:

You have to be a bachelor or above degree holder with an outgoing and proactive character. You’d better have working or study experience overseas and study media, news, business and relevant majors.
You'd better have 1~2 year working experience in new media operation. Or you are an excellent graduate.
Excellent communication, conflict management skills, attention to details.
Self-aware and willing to learn and improve; able to adopt herself/himself to fast growing environment.
Good at speaking and writing in both Mandarin and English.

Staff welfare (What we offer):

Full social welfare and insurance, legal holiday and flexible holidays.
As our employee, we will offer you a free career coaching training, UK and USA training.
You will have chance to working in the UK or USA.
Competitive standard for salary, and premium system.
You will have more chance to promotion, as we are a new office in Shenzhen.

If you are interested in those jobs, please send please send CV to: kary@mcilcn.com

Notes (Explain for CV sending):

subject by e-mail: Job application-Name-University and Major
Main body by e-mail: Please do a short self introduction and strength for the target position.
E-mail attachment: please add you CV and relevant productions what can show your ability.

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